Policies & Procedures

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Attendance Policy:

  • “Excused” absences require prior notification. Please call School of Art and notify us of the absence prior to the missed class, call us at 630-338-3833 or email us at info@schoolofARTgeneva.com
  • Students are able to make up an “excused” absence by attending another similarly leveled class within 30 days of the absence, based on availability. When scheduling make up classes, please call School of Art to check availability and class times

Inclement Weather Policy:

  • In the case of extreme weather School of Art will follow the “School closings” of Geneva’s SD304

Tuition and Payments:

  • Class fees can be paid in a single payment or on a monthly basis. All payments are due on the first class held each month
  • Instructor approval is required to class transfers within the school year
  • Automatic payments are now available
  • Should a student withdraw from a class, they will still be responsible for the current month’s tuition

Dates to Note:

The first day of classes for the 2016-2017 school year will be Aug. 29, 2016
The last day of classes 2016-2017 school year will be held on May 26, 2017

No classes will be held on the following dates:

  • Monday Sept. 5, 2016 – Labor Day
  • Monday October 10, 2016 – Columbus Day
  • Sat. Nov. 23-26, 2016 – Thanksgiving Break
  • Dec. 22,2016 – Tues. Jan. 3, 2017 – Winter Break
  • Monday January 16, 2017 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Monday February 20, 2017 – President’s Day
  • March 26-31, 2017 – Spring Break

School of Art Code of Conduct

The following policies have been established for the benefit of the program and the safety of our staff and students. These policies apply to all students and their parents/guardians.

  • Students will respect members of staff and other students
  • Students will show proper care and regard for School of Art property, materials and the property of others
  • Students may not leave School of Art during an event without permission. Students are to be picked up only by adults approved by a parent/guardian
  • Students are responsible for their own actions and belongings
  • Please silence all cell phones to not disrupt students in class

School of Art reserves the right to ask any student to leave class for the following behaviors:

  • Any violent or bullying behavior-physical, verbal, social, or electronic- that intentionally hurts-physically, socially, or emotionally- another person
  • Any threats to damage or destroy property
  • Any use of language that is violent, profane or discriminatory

 ­­*School of Art’s code of conduct was developed from The Illinois Department of Education code of conduct guidelines.