Consultation & Portfolio Reviews

Where Critical Thinking Meets Creative Expression


Consultations are a scheduled time where students sit down with a School of Art instructor to discuss potential, interests and previous art. These laid back meetings can also be used to discuss moving classes during the school year (permission to move from one class to another mid-year is needed from the instructor) or to enter an upper level class.

Teachers encourage students to bring previous art work they might have created in a school class, another art program or at home. These meetings are for the benefit of the student; they can feel comfortable in School of Art’s studio, confident in their choice of class, and provides an opportunity for one on one discussion and any questions the student might have about a class at School of Art.

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation, please call us at 630-338-3833 or email us at Consultations are not needed to enter any intro level class but highly encouraged to ensure correct placement of the student.

Portfolio Reviews:

An art portfolio is a collection of unique works of art specific to one artist. Your portfolio should reflect a wide range of work, style, skills, and interests. Each portfolio is different and the included art can vary depending on the use of the portfolio.

Portfolios are used by professionals to showcase their work and abilities. Portfolios are developed by students to apply to art colleges and universities as well as showcase their work to professionals for jobs.

School of Art instructors host portfolio reviews by appointment. These appointments allow students to gain feedback on current work and direction for future projects. These appointments can also be used to place students in upper level classes at School of Art, including Introduction to Animation, Gesture Drawing, and Drawing Essentials II.

*a student does NOT need a portfolio to get into any class at School of Art, including upper level classes. Portfolios are encouraged for students interested in attended art colleges. Students also have the option to develop and work on portfolios at School of Art.

To make a portfolio appointment, please call us at 630-338-3833 or email us at