About School of ART

Where Critical Thinking Meets Creative Expression

We believe that everyone has something to gain from learning and practicing art

Our school is designed to teach all ages a variety of mediums. We teach everything from basic drawing and painting through full interactive animation and robotics. Here at School of Art, students are taught to see the world through artist’s eyes. This guidance has immediate results for students as they translate weight, force and story into their drawings, paintings, and sculpture.

Students of all ages find our classes and techniques fun and exciting

We develop the technical skills in our students required to succeed with many different mediums. Our teaching style encourages creative thought and develops critical thinking. Unlike art programs that have students “follow steps” that lead to similar pieces of artwork or have “teachers” that don’t hold certifications, we provide an understanding of artistic technique and principles as well as ensure the best education for our students through certified teachers. Therefore, at School of Art, students are able to bridge technical knowledge with their own unique ideas to create dynamic and individual pieces.